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Who's an A-player?

Published about 1 month ago • 1 min read

In a recent post I mentioned teams of A-players being able to work faster, more agile, and more independent. Of course, those are desired qualities for the team that you’re working on - who wouldn’t want that for themselves? So, a question arises - what does it mean to be an A-player?

Obvious answer: it depends. Everybody has their own set of skills that they’re looking for and you can’t be an A-player to everyone.

Useful answer: think of what kind of team you’d like to be on and strive to be the best fit there. For me that means developers who show:

* a breadth of knowledge that lets them easily grasps concepts across the whole stack

* a depth of knowledge in one or two areas where they can take the lead in their team

* focus on delivery, because code is not useful - solutions are

* communication skills both in ad-hoc verbal situations (calls), as well as in written documentation or tickets, they are able to explain concepts and issues in a concise, clear, and exhaustive manner

* debugging and problem-solving skills

* empathy for the user and understanding of the problem domain

The longer your own list, the easier it is to find something that you should improve.

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